Sunday, May 18, 2014


I love MAC cosmetics as much as the next girl, but I always found it quite daunting browsing around the pigments with little knowledge on them; so I ultimately kept myself to the good old eye shadow counter instead. However, after recently watching the beautiful Poppy Rawson on YouTube; seeing how amazing her eye makeup was, I came to the conclusion that I desperately needed MAC's Tan pigment. I'd always assumed that the pigments would be incredibly messy to apply and wouldn't look any different to an eye shadow. Boy, was I wrong!
The woman who served me at the counter essentially told me that, "I could use the pigment in whatever way I wished!" and after much playing around with the product, I'm happy enough to just use it on my eyes for the time being.

The pigment can be applied dry or wet. For dry application I would recommend applying a primer or paint pot to your bare lids then the pigment straight over to minimise any fallout and keep the product in tact. I personally prefer to apply it wet with a brush spritzed in MAC's Fix+, this allows the pigment to stick to the lid and create a mesmerising 3D look; if I could describe it in any other way I'd say that the pigment looks like a golden foil. It really is beautiful and I don't think my pictures do it enough justice. The colour is slightly lighter than MAC's Woodwinked (one of my all time favourite shadows) a true bronze shade. You also need the smallest amount, a little goes a long way whether working with the pigment wet/dry, meaning it is in fact great value for its £15 price tag. I'm now very open to the idea of pigments and may even use Tan as a sun-kissed highlight. I know that Vanilla is definitely next on my wishlist for my inner corner and brow highlight as so many bloggers have raved on about it! Do you own any MAC pigments? What are your opinions?

*Please excuse my hairy eyebrows, I'm in the midst of growing them out and getting them groomed!

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